If you schedule a month ahead of time, Audrey Schulman will phone in to your book club and answer your questions. Email early to set the time up.

A THEORY OF BASTARDS has many complex societal issues to discuss, as well as a gripping plot that helps everyone to finish the book in time for the meeting.  

Reviews of Schulman's Past Novels by BookBrowse (an internet book-club review site):

How Did I Miss This Author?!
I don't think I have enough room to say all the good things I want to about this novel! The details and descriptions are not lavish and long-winded - they are tight and controlled, rich with power and insight, every sense is utilized. 

Best Book I've Read All Year.
Beautiful descriptions of Africa and rich, well-developed characters. This is a book to buy, not just borrow from the library.

I absolutely love this book... I feel as though I have been to Africa and I didn't want the book to end!!!!

Lots for Book Clubs to Discuss...
Book clubs could have a number of topics to discuss, such as the impact of "progress" on the environment, countries in Africa's past and current political unrest, genocide, pharmaceutical companies and their priorities, homosexuality, animal rights, to name a few.

A Lasting Impression.
It's not often to find a book that makes this deep of an impression after the last page is read. This is a book to savor, one that is difficult to put down. The writing in this book is perfectly balanced- descriptive without being overdone, richly paced without being incoherent or predictable. The characters are the kind of characters that stay with you long after the book is closed.

Thorough and genuine. 
The author has maintained respect for both storytelling and fact building. You learn through vicarious experience of vibrant characters through a story as strong as the data used to create it.

A good compelling read. 
A very realistic and complete sense of place, two very intriguing narratives that compel continued reading....a powerful read that breaks away from the mainstream zone... This book would be a good book-club read because of the underlying issues on progress and its effects on indigenous populations and the environment as well as the challenges that sooner or later everyone must face in their lives.

A Book to Savor
Read it slowly because the words transform themselves into poetic images of Africa....  It is a beautiful, beautiful book - one that your finish and immediately want to read again.

Read this book.
The author did a great job getting inside that character's head and helped us to understand the point of view of an Aspie. ...It is a compelling story of 2 people overcoming moral dilemmas, both from different perspectives..

Couldn't Put It Down.
My husband, who doesn't often read fiction, read it too and has high praise for it. I learned about so many diverse things and, in the process, was royally entertained. ...You are THERE when you read this. ...To tie so much information into a fascinating story is really the gift. 


Blog Reviews of Schulman's Past Novels:

Naturally, comparisons are going to be made between this book and Ann Patchett’s "State of Wonder." I can state without equivocation that I greatly preferred "Three Weeks in December."

Literary Corner

Few books are as simultaneously edifying and gratifying... Hollywood movies might have similar cinematography, but Three Weeks in December has everything.

Fiction Advocate

Three Weeks in December is one of those rare novels that excites, educates, and elucidates without preaching or belaboring.  It wasn’t until I put the novel down that I realized how much I’d learned about Africa, gorillas, Asperger’s, lions, colonialism, and unforeseen consequences.

Hungry for Good Books

This is a moving story, told with great sympathy for the empirical facts, which doesn’t stop us as readers from getting our guts kicked out by Audrey Schulman’s great voice.

Three Guys, One Book

I thoroughly enjoyed Three Weeks in December, with its exotic setting, complex characters, and in-depth relationship with the native animals and African environment. For me it was one easy-to-read story where I lost myself, my favorite type of book to read.... I completely loved her writing style.

Layers of Thought

...Flawlessly organized and executed and is a thrilling book to read.... well crafted novel which will keep many readers reading into the early morning hours.

Mary Whipple

Gorgeously written and evocative, "Three Weeks in December" is a feast for the senses.  If you like literary adventure, this is definitely one for your shelves.

Knitting and Sundries

This book blew me away. The research effort must have been enormous. There is so much insight and information included... it worked amazingly well and held my attention.

The Voice of Oma

This book is unforgettable... such an amazing book, simple and complex at the same time...consistently rich in detail and gorgeously written.... incredibly well-researchedthe kind of book that will make you feel smarter and more engaged with the world. I plan to check out Schulman's previous novels to see what other gems I've missed so far.

- Jessica Knauss

This is a beautifully written story that drew me in from the very beginning and held my attention to the very end. 

The Book Diva's Reads

Schulman’s writing is lyrical and captivating, her dialogue is strong, and her storytelling skills are superb. I’ve added the rest of her books to my to-read list and I recommend this one heartily.

The Joy of Booking

The two main characters are complex and intriguing, and their alternating points of view are equally compelling. The descriptions are... tight and controlled, yet rich with power and insight, and every sense is utilized...  My husband ...finished Three Weeks in December and said he believed that was the best book he'd read all last year.

The Shellshank Redemption