Photo by Miriam Berkley.  Don't use without her permission.

Photo by Miriam Berkley.  Don't use without her permission.

Born a long time ago, in another country, Schulman has traveled enough to have vomited on four continents, including once onto a Masai tribesman’s feet.  He, unfortunately, was barefoot.

Schulman has published four novels including The Cage, Swimming with JonahA House Named Brazil and, most recently, Three Weeks in December.

Her books have been translated into 11 languages, reviewed by the New Yorker and twice been selected as notable books by the American Library Association.  

Her books aren't boring.  For a short time, one was even optioned for a movie with Wes Craven (the director of Nightmare on Elm Street). 

Articles by Schulman have been anthologized, as well as published in OrionGristMs. MagazineBust and others.  

She now lives near Boston with her family and runs an energy-efficiency nonprofit called HEET.